Want more business with zero effort? 

We send clients directly to you! Close and enroll in under an hour with our remote-enrollment software, a $5,000 value waived for select chamber partners. Space is EXTREMELY limited, schedule your consultation before our September 16th launch date.








*”Lite” tier software sign-up fee is waived at checkout with promo code. See terms and conditions for promotion details. 

Why Sign-up with MyHealthily? 

Expand Your Business

Offer health insurance with no additional effort and get leads for your other lines of business, such as P&C.

Save Time and Money

Only spend an hour per health insurance client… the software automates the rest. Sell more, service less. 

Get Mass. Clients

Our marketing team brings your fellow chambers directly you for the healthcare coverage they want and need.

Increased Commissions

Increase your commissions from $12-$18 pmpm to $40 pmpm by offering our personalized plans. 

No License, No Problem

Not licensed for health insurance in Massachusetts? Not a problem, our transition team is here to help!

MyHealthily LIte




Now waived for a select chamber partners!

Harness the power of the ultimate broker software to quote, sell, and enroll healthcare clients within just one hour! MyHealthily Lite empowers you to track leads and commissions, enable remote enrollment, reduce your servicing needs, and more! 

The Software

Agent Benefits

Monitor the Performance of Your Business

Manage your Pipeline

Monitor the Performance of Clients and Producers

Employer & Group Benefits

Structure Your Defined Contribution Plan

Select Plans including Dental, Vision & Life

Instantly Calculate Your Savings

Monitor & Manage Employee Benefits

Employee & Member Benefits

Sign Up – Fully Automated with pre-populated information

Select Health Care Plans and Ancillary Plans

Manage Benefits








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